Jolene Marie Muller, Esthetician

The show must go on.

If my background in dance has taught me anything it’s that no matter what the circumstance the show, or in my case the “glow”, must go on.

Many of you will be going without facials, haircuts and manicures for the next few weeks (myself included!), but I encourage you to use this time to focus within. What makes you GLOW? Now is your time to find it.

If I’ve learned anything as an esthetician, it is that you all are so hard on yourselves. The confidence you present to the world isn’t my work, it’s always been yours.

So take some time for self-care during these moments of working from home. Meditate, journal, sheet-mask, whatever! Trust me, as a former project manager, no one will know if you’re masking while you’re on that conference call.

Shine bright. You’ve got this. We’ve all got this.

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